INDIA WORLD FOUNDATION, a congregation of professionals, social scientists, development economists, businessmen, industrialists, doctors, engineers, bureaucrats, judiciary and media practitioners, has taken up the cause of fighting poverty through a blueprint of development, spanning every aspect of economic activity.

Towards achieving this objective, IWF, takes up special focused projects targeted at specific communities and regions at the micro level, in conformity with its macro view of the country as a whole. Our collaborators in different parts of the world coordinate their respective efforts in tune with the IWF plans, programmes and policies.



*Educate, Train, Make Aware, Empower and Strengthen people for generating income and livelihood through imparting not only theoretical knowledge, but also various vocational courses

*Integrate social development, woman & child development, rural & urban development, handicraft, culture, environment and forests with  agricultural knowledge, to empower our global society

*Provide value awareness education for improvement of people by personality development skills programme and disseminate value of caring and sharing for development with Indian Vedic education for our global society.

Our activities include:

  1. All round development – economic, scientific, cultural, spiritual – of poor and downtrodden, scheduled castes and scheduled tribes - to bring about social justice and empower them
  2. Employment creation through various schemes and programmes
  3. Research and development in education, health, housing, environment, forests, relief & rehabilitation, law & justice, rural & urban growth, tourism, culture, agriculture, child labour, bonded labour, youth affairs, sports, women & child development, textiles and transport
  4. Spreading awareness in all the above sectors
  5. Strong focus and thrust on consumer welfare awareness by holding special programmes
  6. Forging and fostering good relations with all countries and to promote positive image of India abroad
  7. To work for promotion of India’s international trade
  8. Popularising Indian way of life across the globe
  9. To work for inculcating moral values and ethics in politics and politicians. To work for eradication of evils in society
  10. Awareness creation on issues like population, global warming, climate change.

 Our approach:

  1. We strongly believe that intervention at grass root level is the ultimate tool to bring social change and welfare development.
  2. Our approach is to bring a new developmental process initiated by the people for attaining a self-reliant, equitable, self supporting community and society.
  3. The role of our organization is to facilitate the process for effective execution of the developmental activities.

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