E Shram Card क्या है ? E Shram Card benefits क्या है ?

E Shram Card क्या है ? E Shram Card benefits क्या है ?

E shram card उन मजदूरों को दिया जाता है जो इ श्रम portal पर अपना registration करवा लेते है. इस कार्ड पर 12-digit UAN number होता है. देश के 38 करोड़ असंगठित मजदूरों को इसका फाइदा होगा. E Shram Card benefits नीचे दिए गए है : आने वाले समय में पेंशन जैसी सुविधा मिल सकती … Read more

Crypto Ban India ( Facts and Myths you should know )

Crypto Ban India

India is currently one of the popular and growing market for cryptocurrency.It was rumored that there is going to be crypto Ban India in recent budget. Why Ban was imposed? It was imposed in 2018. Later, in March 2020, the crypto transactions are under regulations. The main reason for Crypto Ban India was, the Reserve bank … Read more

Best WhatsApp status in Hindi for Year 2022 ( Updated )


WhatsApp status in Hindi – It is true that WhatsApp is the most popular app that is being used in India on day to day basis so there is a need for some good WhatsApp status as well. WhatsApp status in Hindi Baat ye nahi ki mai naraj hu usse , Baat ye hai ki … Read more