What is GB WhatsApp ? How to use GB WhatsApp web ? Is it safe ?

What is GB WhatsApp ?

GB WhatsApp adds more customization and functionality to your existing WhatsApp. I am using this application to check if this really works and it works like charm. I think it is a mod that is used to improve our experience with WhatsApp.

So you might be thinking who has developed this app ? This app is develop by senior XDA member and due to which it benefits the whole community. This member is having the identity by name “Has.007”.

GB WhatsApp application installs with your current WhatsApp and it provides lots of new features and settings to customize and because of this it benefits lot of users. It provides entirely new features as well.

Why you should use it ?

  • It unlocks the full potential of original app.
  • This app removes all the limits of original app.
  • This app helps in sending larger files.
  • It allows you to customize the theme.
  • It makes your device to run faster while using original app.

What exactly it do ?

Indiaworldfoundation.org What is GB WhatsApp
Indiaworldfoundation.org What is GB WhatsApp ?
  1. It helps you in changing your online WhatsApp status.
  2. GB WhatsApp helps you in manage double “seen” tick mark.
  3. This helps you in managing the blue tick mark.
  4. It helps you in fully customizing all microphone setting.
  5. It will help you control your “Typing Status”.
  6. This will help you manage your “Recording Status”.

How to use GB WhatsApp web ?

As of now, I know you are liking this app so you can go to www.web.whatsapp.com. Because this app is really interesting get ready for it. But is it safe to use, we’ll discuss it as well. Please scan the visible QR code so if you use android, go to the app than tap on three vertical dots icon and choose GB WhatsApp Web. But if you use apple OS, go to the app and than choose GB app on Web.

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From safety point, It is always recommended to use only original WhatsApp.

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